We're here to assist you get the most out of COVID-19, especially the new Omicron variant.

We want you to feel safe and protected on moving day.

Moving forward is what makes us smile.

What is most important is your health and safety.

Throughout the pandemic, tens of thousands of Floridians have relied on Local Moving Geeks to relocate their families securely and without stress. Now, in the face of the extremely dangerous OMICRON strain, we’re taking extra precautions to avoid an outbreak. Our movers are fully vaccinated, and we are constantly adapting to the needs of our customers and official guidelines so that you and your family can feel safe and secure on moving days.

Observance of state and federal laws

Local Moving Geeks constantly monitors federal and state COVID regulations and mandates to protect our consumers and movers. We adopt new procedures established by Florida State and United States governance – and alter our previous rules as needed.

Learn why moving with Local Moving Geeks is still the safest option.

Protocol for Enhanced Cleaning:

To avoid the spread of germs and viruses, our vehicles are cleaned regularly, and we presently do not use reusable bins or used boxes throughout our movements.

Employees health is checked every day:

Employees’ temperatures and health are examined regularly, and any employee who exhibits symptoms is immediately sent home. We have formed an internal COVID Task Force to guarantee that the entire organization follows safety measures.

Movers Who Are Fully Vaccinated:

Moving Geeks has followed the Sarasota regulation and is glad to state that all our personnel has been immunized. You do not need to hide in a closet while our crew is in your home! Hand sanitizers, masks, gloves, booties, and disinfecting wipes will be provided to movers visiting residences.

Estimates for Virtual In-Home Visits:

Our estimators can tour you through your house or office “virtually.” They’ll film the objects to be relocated and provide you with a complete, exact estimate of all moving costs.

Contactless Moving:

What exactly do we mean by “contactless movement”? You don’t even have to be present when you relocate. Leave instructions with your building, and we’ll connect with you virtually during your relocation. You’ll also be able to track your vehicle and receive updates when your items arrive. We also provide virtual house surveys, electronic booking, cashless payment, and electronic contracts, regardless of whether you expect to be present during the move.

Additional Information:

For a Healthy Lifestyle

While we at Local Moving Geeks strive to ensure the healthiest moving experience, There are various steps health experts recommend for people who want to stop from spreading COVID-19 as well as the latest OMICRON variant. This includes cleaning your hands frequently and not leaving home whenever possible.

If you’re sick, stay away from touching your Eyes, Nose, Mouth, and more.

Everyone has a role to take on.

We invite you to collaborate with us

We are aware of our customers’ concerns. If they request without cost, we’ll postpone or schedule services. Should you need to address any queries or questions regarding services, you can contact the Client Care Center at (941) 676-9110 from Monday through Friday, 7:00 am – 9:00 PM, and on Saturdays, 7 am – 9 pm.

To be able to say that you are informed.

To stay up-to-date with COVID-19 updates on news, safety tips, and much more, we recommend visiting these resources:

The Florida Health Coronavirus page.

the Center of Disease Control’s (CDC) Coronavirus Page.

World Health Organization’s (WHO) Coronavirus Page.